Side hustle jobs in kenya

Whether you are looking for ways to make money to supplement your salary or you just have a dream to become your own boss, starting a side hustle is a great step in the right direction. Since most full-time 9-5 jobs leave employees with limited personal time, setting a few hours Monday to Friday and the weekend can give you

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What Kenyan Employers Want from Job Seekers

Do you know what Kenyan employers want from job seekers?It is no news that the level of unemployment in Kenya is relatively high as more than5 million young Kenyans are currently unemployed. With the number of people searching for jobs in Kenya, getting one is not a work in the park. While thousands of job seekers chase the few available

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Top Skills Recruiters look for in Digital Marketers

Now more than ever many brands are leveraging digital channels to connect with their audience as well as drive growth for their businesses. As a result, the need for skilled digital marketers has become high in demand. Brands and even people that don’t know they need digital marketers sure know that they need someone to do things like:create (text/visual) content

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How to Balance your Full-Time Job with a Side Hustle

If you are looking for a way to get more money while you build something for yourself, then having a side hustle is the way to go. Side hustles have become even more popular especially with the uncertainties that came with the Covid-19 pandemic. While many employees lost their regular jobs, some others had to put up with a pay

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